Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Back to Blogging, Again

I have grown tired of the “social media” scene. 

Twitter is for the twitchy.  An entire generation of mongoloids trained to think in truncated, attention-deficit style attempting to convey complex thoughts and concepts in less than two-hundred characters.  And then you hope that its a real person and not a bot.  Or a Russian bot.

Facebook is for the furious.  Its a network of the outraged.  Its not even fun to read, much less engage on Facebook anymore.  Mark Zuckerberg created an ugly, ugly monster with little to no redeeming social value.  Then he added advertising, then he targeted it, then he started curating information, and the social value of Facebook ended up somewhere south of the social value The View.

I don’t do Snapchat or Instagram.  I tired of Slack and Cliq at work quite quickly – the constant interruption.  It was like trying to do your work in the middle of Grand Central Station during the filming of the Avengers film.

So I am going (coming?) back to blogging.  That space where you write and take your time to express your thoughts and feelings.  Where you control who can (or can’t) comment.  Where the freedom to write and speak is as visible as the right to offend (and be offended).

We don’t live in a simple world.  We live in a big, complex world.  Outrage and twitchy comebacks don’t solve the complex issues that arise in a complex world.  We need big ideas to solve big problems.  Not fake news, or over-reactive thumbs, or meddling Russians or weak-willed citizens. 

We need real ideas, and real principles, proven methods to the solve these twenty-first century problems.

And that is what I plan to write about.